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About Us

Who we are

A team that loves to create

Perfectsoft Systems is a thorough bred Software development company that specializes in the design and creation of software solutions for specialized industries. With about 20 years of applications development and service delivery, we have the experience and the expertise to serve a range of industries. Putting our requisite skill sets and business development experience to work, we developed and launched our latest entry, a hospital management software solution called Medikal HMS

With over 190 million population, Nigeria has about 3% access to healthcare, 1% didgital healthcare data and 1% process automation. This is a very terrible problem that requires a revolutionary solution. The Nigerian healthcare industry has a potential of over three billion dollars per annum. Much of this potential is lost in an unstructured, un-automated and inefficient business process.

Medikal is the Swiss knife of the Healthcare industry. As a collection of tools and services, it provides a robust platform for healthcare entities and stake holders to manage their business, interconnect, interact, exchange data and business handshakes and become a part of the full value chain.

With Medikal, healthcare Insurance organisations can process their financials from all the healthcare centres and hospitals on their watch, right from their office headquarters.

Doctors can place orders for drugs to pharmacies right across the city and have the orders delivered to patients.

Government and international Healthcare agencies can pull up very useful and credible healthcare reports on diseases and demographics.

Patients can access prescriptions, antenatal and immunization schedules, right from the comfort of their mobile App

Pharmaceuticals can get vital data on their drugs use and demographic spread.

This is Africa's healthcare future. At Medikal, we are committed to this goal and are constantly working to make it happen and scale. With our technology and infrastructure, we at Medikal seek to take Africa into the next generation of healthcare. This will in turn, have a massive social impact and completely transform the African business terrain and overall human well being.

What is Medikal

Healthcare Access * Data Management * Efficiency

Medikal is an ecosystem of tools and services for the healthcare industry. It is a Business to Business to Customer to Government, enterprise healthcare service.

Medikal provides a SAAS platform for healthcare organisations like private Hospitals, government Healthcare institutions, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacies, Health insurance organisations, MDAs, other relevant agencies and the general public. These tools/services include records management, secure data storage, transactions and sales, daily operations management, appointments, CRM, billing, process control, work-flow, accounting and lots more. Medikal's simple business model makes it easy for healthcare organisations to take control of their businesses; providing affordable, reliable, secure and efficient services.

Today's businesses are fundamentally data driven and customer oriented. Apart from providing standard services, today’s platforms/solutions should connect service providers to clients easily while providing seamless, reliable and transparent interaction. Medikal provides the needed infrastructure for this kind of business model, for the healthcare industry.

Medikal has several modules including, Patients Registration with secure access IDs, Patients Records, Admissions, Patients history, Laboratory/Radiology, Pharmacy/Dispensary, Appointments management, Antenatal management and scheduling, immunisation management and scheduling, prescriptions, drug administration, patients billing, HMO billing, inventory, birth and death registration and more. It even comes with an integrated double entry accounting and staff management software.

Medikal also has a mobile application, so patients can interact with their healthcare providers. This serves as the patient's access and interaction tool. The mobile App is both a functional utility App and a great customer experience tool.

At Medikal, our goal is to continue to improve our offering as a complete ecosystem of tools and services that interconnects components of the healthcare industry. This will provide the much needed platform for an African healthcare transformation in the near future.

Imagine a future where we can build artificial intelligence and machine learning tools and processes that will impact and improve the overall healthcare industry and quality of life of the average African with quick diagnosis of diseases, prompt and pragmatic medical response and highly improved decision making by healthcare stake holders.